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[28 May 2031|02:45am]
friends only, ctba
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[14 Jan 2019|05:15pm]
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learn scrivener for free??? [27 Sep 2017|10:38am]
So, I'm hoping to get a course on Scrivener up on skillshare before too long (like in the next two weeks). The nice thing about skillshare is you can be uploading new lessons all the time so I don't have to have a 12+ hour course done at one time to upload it.

BASICALLY if you have ever been interested in Scrivener and want to learn, I will give you private access to my videos for feedback before I post them. I want to make sure they are easily understood!

I'm leaving this post open so ya'll can share with your friends if you know they are interested. My previous course costs almost $200 (I didn't set the price), and if you're thinking about doing NaNoWriMo then this is the perfect time to check it out :>
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